EPFL Blue Brain Project - Geneva • 🇨🇭

Site Reliability Engineer • Mar, 2020 — present

  • Reworked existing SSO service to make it more resilient and highly available
  • Deployed new service to launch Jupyter notebooks directly on BB5 via Slurm scheduler
  • Aided with migration from puppet v4 to puppet v6
  • Strong focus in reducing technical debt, automating tasks and cleaning up old code and services
  • Provide help and technical advice to other members of the organization

CERN (Authentication and Authorization Team) - Geneva •🇨🇭

Software Engineer • Feb, 2016 — Jan, 2020

  • Maintained Identity and Access Management infrastructure based on Microsoft technologies
  • Deployed and configured Keycloak to secure 10.000+ CERN applications
  • Defined and planned the migration from ADFS to Keycloak
  • Added continuous integration and continuous delivery for team internal projects
  • Developed RESTful API to integrate Keycloak with other systems at CERN
  • Migrated applications to containers and deploy them on PaaS

CERN (Cloud Infrastructure Team) - Geneva • 🇨🇭

Software Engineer • Feb, 2014 — Jan, 2016

  • Part of CERN Cloud Infrastructure team; OpenStack deployment with ~7000 compute nodes
  • Deployed a workflow automation tool to reduce toil and ease the operational cost of running a private cloud
  • Identify and implement workflows to automate routine operational procedures on the CERN Cloud
  • Deployed fully puppetized, resilient, distributed, and highly available services
  • Developed a set of python libraries and scripts to interact with other services deployed at CERN

Inter-American Development Bank - Washington DC • 🇺🇸

IT Security Consultant • Jun, 2013 — Dec, 2013

  • Responsible for the installation, deployment, and configuration of AppSense (now https://ivanti.com), a Management Platform tool for Windows to control what users can install on their computers
  • Around 5.000 of the bank employees still use it every day

ICEX (Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade) - Madrid • 🇪🇸

Junior Software Engineer • Sep, 2011 — Oct, 2012

  • Responsible for providing remote IT support to a total of 50 users from three different ICEX offices
  • Responsibilities also included frequent business trips to each office
  • Installed, maintained, upgraded, and managed servers. Back-up policy and tape systems (Symantec)


Master’s in Information Systems

University Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid • 2018

Bachelor's in Software Engineering

University of Oviedo, Asturias • 2015

Graded with honors on the project “Integrating OpenStack with an Active Directory”

Awarded with a scholarship to study one semester at Canisius College, NY, USA. Part of the Dean’s Honor Mention award for excellence grades.

Technical Computer Engineering Degree

University of Oviedo, Asturias • 2010

Graded with honors on the project “Changeability evaluator of bi-dimensional figures”


Main collaborator • 2010 — Present

Personal Blog


Computer skills

  • Knowledge of Unix/Linux Systems administration and Windows Operating Systems
    • Advanced RHEL/CentOS knowledge
    • Arch User Repository package maintainer
  • Advanced coding Python, Bash, Puppet and Java
  • Active Github member. Both project maintainer and contributor
    • Find some of my projects here, https://github.com/danifr
    • Member of Voxpupuli (https://voxpupuli.org). Invited to join after contributing to several community maintained Puppet modules
  • Familiar with the Agile principles and DevOps. JIRA advanced user
  • Experience managing OpenStack, Apache, Nginx, HAProxy, MySQL, InfluxDB, Grafana, FreeIPA
  • Day to day usage of Docker, Kubernetes, Gitlab CI and Openshift

Conferences, Courses & Published Papers

CERN’s Identity and Access Management, A journey to Open Source

CHEP • 2019

Co-authored with the members of the CERN Authentication and Authorization Team

CERN School of Computing

SCK • CEN - Mol, Belgium • 2016

Automating operational procedures with Rundeck

HEPiX at DESY Zeuthen, Germany • 2016

Talk given at HEPiX 2016

Scaling the CERN OpenStack Cloud

CHEP • 2015

Co-authored with the members of the CERN Cloud Infrastructure Team. Paper presented at the 21st International Conference on Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics